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How to generate a video embed code

After you’ve uploaded a video to your dashboard, hover over the video, click on the paper clip icon and select “Copy embed code.”


Video embed codes + SEO

Raptive video embeds generate the crucial video schema needed for search engines to gather information about your video.

When you include a video title and detailed description upon upload, the Raptive embed code contains metadata optimized for search engines.

Fill these out for each video when you upload the video to your publisher dashboard.


How to add the video embed code to a post on your site

Adding the video embed code in WordPress

If your site is using WordPress, the embed code from your Raptive dashboard will be a WordPress shortcode.


Example of AdThrive shortcode embed code

Sign into your WordPress dashboard, find your post, and click edit. If you’re using the Classic editor, simply paste in the AdThrive embed code and select update to save your changes. If you’re using the Gutenberg block editor, search for and select the “shortcode” block, and add the AdThrive embed code there.

Adding the video embed code in another CMS

If your site uses any content management system (CMS) besides WordPress, the embed code from your Raptive dashboard will be a custom HTML div.


Example of AdThrive HTML div video embed code

Go to your site’s standard blog post editor. Paste in the AdThrive embed HTML code. Save/Update the post.

Where should you embed the video on the page?

Stationary videos earn when the reader clicks to play the video, so place the stationary video wherever you think readers will be most likely to watch it.

Upload an engaging thumbnail image and encourage the reader to click to watch the video in your post copy.

Learn more about choosing a Stationary or Sticky default for all your embedded videos here.

Where to embed Sticky Related video

While we recommend Stationary Related video for maximum revenue, if you’re running a Sticky Related video player, you have two options for where it loads on the page.

1. Optimized: Choosing the “optimized” option means you can put the embed code anywhere you want in your post’s HTML, and our ad code will automatically place the player in the ideal location for maximum earnings. For example, this means that if you have a recipe card, you can place your embed code within the card itself, and our ad code will move the video higher on the page to maximize earnings while SEO information is stored within the card.

2. Control: If you prefer to use the “Control” option so that your sticky video appears exactly where you place the embed code, we suggest embedding the video as high as possible within your post (within the first 50% of content), so it has more time on page after a reader scrolls past it.

How to embed video in a recipe card

Can you add Related video inside a recipe card? Yes. Paste the video embed code directly into your recipe card wherever you choose.

If you’re using the Stationary Related video embed codes by default (recommended), the video will show up right where you add the embed code inside your recipe card.

video player in recipe card

Example of video in recipe card

How to embed the same video on more than one post

You’ve uploaded a video to your publisher dashboard, and you have a couple of pages on your site where it would make sense to embed. Can you use the same embed code on more than one post?

Yes, you can embed the same video on as many pages as you want using the same embed code. Just copy from your dashboard and paste it into the content of each post where you’d like the video to appear.

How to embed multiple videos on the same page

You have a post on your site and a couple of different videos that would be a great fit—for example, unique steps in a process. Can you add multiple different videos to the post?

Yes, you can embed as many videos onto one page as you’d like. You can even embed the same video more than once on the page.

For example, some creators may want to embed the video inside a featured area like the recipe card and earlier in the post.

Or, you can set one video embed as Sticky and set one as Stationary. You’ll need to generate one Stationary embed code and one Sticky embed code for the same video to do this. Here’s how to generate a different type of embed code for a specific video.

A note about Sticky embed codes

If you use Sticky video embed codes for more than one video, only the first video will stick to the page as the reader scrolls past. The other videos will show as Stationary. This is because only one video can be Sticky on a page at a time.

How to embed a video on a specific post and include it in your Playlist

You’ve uploaded a great video to your dashboard – can you add it to your video playlist so it runs in your Playlist player across all the pages of your site and embed it on a specific post?

Yes, you can embed a video into a post and include it in your Playlist player by ticking the box “Add to Playlist” in the video details in the dashboard.

How to use Google Search Console to verify your videos are set up correctly

You can easily verify that Google is successfully able to "see" your Related videos by logging in to your Google Search Console account and navigating to Enhancements > Videos.


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