What you need to know about Slickstream, our new user engagement suite


Slickstream recently joined the Raptive family of publisher solutions. As your partner, we want to make sure you have access to best-in-class resources to help you capture more traffic and deliver premium experiences to your readers while we ensure you get the highest ad revenue for those pageviews. Slickstream is the market-leading user engagement solution, and we look forward to adding even more game-changing solutions that help you grow! 

What is Slickstream?

Slickstream is a sophisticated market-leading user engagement suite designed for independent publishers. It helps you turn casual visitors into loyal readers that return again and again through intelligent as-you-type search, content recommendations, favoriting and membership capabilities, email sign-up, and other useful features. You can easily design captivating user journeys that lead visitors to exactly what they're looking for. The result is higher pageviews, time-on-page, click-throughs, and return visits. As if that isn’t enough, Slickstream’s reporting gives deep insights into its performance and how your visitors are interacting on your site, far beyond what you can see in Google Analytics.

Why did Raptive acquire Slickstream?

It has always been our goal to bring valuable solutions to our publishers that go beyond ad management, and we look to the best products on the market, driving stellar results, to do this. Last year’s acquisition of Topic gave our publishers a powerful SEO solution to grow their search traffic without the hassle of tedious research. To engage site visitors and turn them into loyal readers, we acquired the edition of Slickstream that was designed for independent publishers: Slickstream for Bloggers. Check out this case study on one of our publishers, Pinch of Yum, where Slickstream increased clicks on-site by 17.6%, created hundreds of additional hours of on-site activity and tens of thousands more pageviews, and revenue per session (RPS) jumped 2.2%!

What makes Slickstream so powerful?

Slickstream creates a model of all of the content on your site and regularly analyzes every pageview and every click by every visitor. This data is used to continuously identify content that site visitors are most likely to be interested in and brings it to their attention in search results, filmstrip, and other content modules. This makes it easy for users to find other things that interest them, which keeps them on your site longer and provides a great user experience, making them more likely to return.  

How will Slickstream help me?

Slickstream helps you to get the most out of the traffic that visits your site by turning casual visitors into loyal readers, increasing ad revenue. 

Customizable features complement your brand and create a more premium site experience. The powerful recommendation engine serves up the best content for your readers, so they spend more time on your site. Slickstream also saves you time, money, and hassle from not having to rely on developers, multiple products, or other resources to do a bunch of manual site customization handled with one simple Slickstream installation. 

Worried about first-party data? Slickstream helps with that too! Slickstream helps you authenticate traffic and build first-party data with logged-in site visitors.

Slickstream also offers an email sign-up feature that you can use to collect email addresses, but you can seamlessly use your existing email subscription method too. Slicksteam’s Highlighter feature draws attention to any element of your site you choose and has proven to improve conversions significantly. 

Where can I learn more about Slickstream?

You can find more information about Slickstream here on Slickstream.com.  

I’m currently using Slickstream, will anything change? Where can I go for support?

If you are currently using Slickstream, you won’t see any disruptions or changes to your service whether you are currently working with Raptive or not. Slickstream will now be free for you to use, with no future billing charges as of August 25, 2022. Everything you currently love about Slickstream will stay the same, with even more exciting improvements coming down the pipeline in the near future.

If you have any support questions, you can contact us at support@slickstream.com

I’m a Raptive creator and I’m interested in Slickstream; how can I get started?

Sign up for Slickstream now, and we’ll reach out when we’re ready to install Slickstream on your site. 

I’m not working with Raptive and I’m interested in Slickstream; how can I get started?

Slickstream is free for qualifying creators even if they don’t work with us. Sign up here!

Why are you making Slickstream free? 

From the beginning, we’ve been leading advocates of independent publishers and content creators and we believe that the web should remain open. We support users being able to explore their interests from any browser, content creators being able to express their voices, and advertisers being able to make meaningful connections. Slickstream improves user experiences and helps independent publishers better monetize their content. By offering Slickstream for free, we’re helping the entire independent publisher community build sustainable businesses with ways to authenticate their site visitors.

I’m a Slickstream user and I want to stop using Slickstream — how do I leave?

We hate to see you miss out on all the wonderful benefits Slickstream has for your site, and would love to chat about why you’d like to stop using Slickstream if you email support@slickstream.com

To stop using Slickstream, all you have to do is remove the embed code and cancel your subscription via your user portal, and your site will return to the way it was. Slickstream is free so there aren’t any contracts, cancellation fees, or technical hurdles to worry about.

What’s next for Slickstream?

Slickstream is already the best product on the market for user engagement, and it’s only going to get better from here as we pursue exciting new ways to make this even better for independent publishers and their audiences.


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