Creator-Sold Direct Campaigns


Effective April 1, 2024:
Creator-Sold Direct Campaigns are currently available to Raptive Platinum, Platinum Elite, and Luminary creators. Learn more about Raptive’s creator levels.

Working directly with a brand on a direct campaign? We’d love to help! 

While it’s not necessary to work with brands outside of the campaigns we work to secure on your behalf, we understand that you may receive frequent pitches and want to participate. We recommend giving preference to brands with whom you've already established a relationship, because often lesser-known brands won’t pay as well as what you’ll earn through your Raptive campaigns and the scale you get from being part of the community. 

Here are our guidelines for direct campaigns you’d like us to traffic:

Submission Timeline:

  • Submit the Creator-Sold Direct Campaign request at least 2 business days in advance of the campaign start date (M-F).
    Note: Changes to existing campaigns also require 2 business days' notice.

Allocation Limitations and Monthly Campaign Limits:

  • Platinum, Platinum Elite, and Luminary creators can allocate up to 30% of current quarterly ad impressions for external direct deals.

  • Platinum and Platinum Elite creators can request up to 6 campaigns per month.
  • Luminary creators can request up to 10 campaigns per month.

    • Note: The set limit is reached when “Allocation Limitations” or “Monthly Campaign Limits” is met first.

Custom Scripts:

  • We can set up a maximum of three custom scripts per creator at a time. When these scripts are no longer required for specific targeting, you can easily remove the scripts from your site, making these scripts ready for reuse.

Minimum Campaign Value:

  • Each campaign must have a minimum monthly value of $250.

Profitable Deals:

  • We aim to maximize your earnings. We recommend seeking CPM rates 3-5 times higher than you typically earn through Raptive.

Metrics and Targeting:

  • We do not guarantee viewability and CTR (click-through rate) minimums and cannot set up video creatives for direct deals in the sticky video player ad slot. 

Campaign Management:

  • You’ll handle campaign details and payment directly with the advertiser. We’re responsible for inputting this information into Google Ad Manager (GAM) for deployment to your site.


Campaign Set-up and Monitoring:

  • We'll review the campaign's performance in GAM shortly after enabling it to ensure accurate impression tracking. It is normal to see impression count discrepancies of 5-10% or more between ad servers. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to or your Creator Partnerships Manager. Note: if a campaign doesn't fully deliver, Raptive won't be responsible for any revenue loss.

  • Each line item in the campaign requires a separate form submission. For example, if you have a 30-day standard display piece, a 30-day pre-roll video piece, and a 1-day site takeover, you should submit 3 separate forms.


Campaign Reporting:

  • We use GAM for ad serving and reporting. If there is an impression discrepancy between GAM and a third-party tracking system, we default to GAM’s reporting. You can discuss any discrepancies in impressions directly with the advertiser.


Campaign Pacing:

  • It’s your responsibility to ensure the campaign is pacing. We can provide in-flight reporting upon request.

Campaign End Dates:

  •  All campaigns must have an end date of no more than 12 months in the future. If you need to extend the end date, please submit a request.

Campaign Ready for Deployment:

  • Make sure ad creatives and code are prepared for deployment. We don’t provide troubleshooting for these elements, but we can provide a preview link upon request.

Campaign Restrictions:

  • This service is designed for campaigns directly from end advertisers. Per the Raptive Service Agreement, we don’t traffic third-party tags from other ad networks and won’t be able to accommodate any campaign requiring ads.txt entries.

All requests must be submitted via our Creator-Sold Direct Campaign request form. For more details, please see our General Advertising Guidelines

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