Large Format Ads FAQs

What are large format ads?

Large format ads are larger than the standard ad sizes recognized in the industry by the IAB. These high-impact ads are typically 728x410 (desktop) and 320x480 (mobile) and are sold programmatically or directly.  

How much do they earn?

Large-format ads pay 2-6X higher CPM than standard ad sizes. These higher CPMs can increase your RPM by up to 3%.

What do they look like?

Check out these examples.

                 Mural_Ad_Sample_True_to_Size_Desktop_5.25.23__1_.png            Mural_Ad_Sample_True_to_Size_Mobile_5.25.23__1_.png              

How do I get large format ads added to my site?

By default, new Raptive creators are opted into large format ads. However, if they're disabled for you, you can use the 'large format ads' toggles under Ad Controls on the Ad Preferences screen in the creator dashboard to make your site eligible for large format ads. If you have turned on the Auto-optimize function or opted into Interscroller Ads, your site is already eligible for large format ads unless you've requested to disable them. 


Does this type of ad align with the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA) requirements?

Yes! All Raptive ads meet CBA guidelines. Large format ads appear within page content and never cover any content. Our intelligent content ad spacing and conservative ad density settings balance visitor experience with top ad earnings potential. 




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