What is Ad Block Recovery?

Our Ad Block Recovery setting attempts to load a limited ad layout for readers who use ad blockers, allowing you to recapture some ad revenue from these pageviews.

We’ve found that readers don't mind thoughtfully-placed ads — they just don't want too many ads. We focus on running reader-friendly ad layouts, but as other ad providers ramp up the number of ads they run, it hurts everyone by encouraging more and more users to install ad blockers. 

The ad blocking rates for Raptive sites are better than industry trends, but unfortunately you’re still affected by other sites that run too many ads and encourage the use of ad blockers. You create high-quality, useful content and we think you deserve to be paid well for it!

What kind of ads does Ad Block Recovery load?

The ad layout that loads with Ad Block Recovery adheres to the Acceptable Ads standards, which were created to find a solution that would benefit readers, publishers, and advertisers alike.

These ads don’t refresh and are subject to size, appearance, and other restrictions.

How can I turn on the Ad Block Recovery setting?

If you’re running the Raptive Ads WordPress plugin version 1.1.1 or higher, Ad Block Recovery is on by default to ensure you’re earning the most from every pageview. Here’s what it looks like:


Not using the Raptive Ads plugin? 

We can give you this same script to add to your site! Just reach out, and we can get that installed for you.

How do I disable Ad Block Recovery?

If you’d prefer not to attempt to recapture revenue from readers using ad blockers, you can turn off the setting. Just head to your Raptive Ads plugin settings page in WordPress, change the Ad Block Recovery setting to Off, and click Save.

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