Outstream FAQs

What is Outstream?

Outstream is a unique type of ad we offer for desktop and mobile. It looks like a typical display ad inside your content and automatically plays through a single animation. Readers can interact with the Outstream ad to turn on sound, but it’s always silent by default.

An Outstream ad only serves when it will earn you more than a regular display ad and when a reader is on a fast connection, and it waits to load until the content on your page has finished loading. 

How do I get this added to my site?

These ad units are enabled by default on your Raptive ads. If you’d like to opt out of this type of ad or reduce their frequency, click here to drop us a note.

What does it look like?

Here’s an example of an Outstream ad on mobile:


How much does it earn?

An Oustream ad earns 10-30% more than a static display ad for the same ad slot. You’ll see Outstream earnings included with your other content ad earnings in the Raptive dashboard.

Does this ad align with the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA) requirements?

Yep! All of your Raptive ads meet CBA’s guidelines.

Will this impact page speed?

Nope! We’ve made sure running an Outstream ad won’t have any additional effect on page speed.

Do Outstream ads have sound?

Outstream ads will be silent by default, unless a reader chooses to turn on sound.

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