Expandable Sticky Footer Ad FAQs

What is an expandable sticky footer ad?

The expandable sticky footer is an “upgrade” to the normal sticky footer ad that we’re offering on mobile. This new, high-paying version expands — sometimes automatically at first, and sometimes upon user-interaction —  and then shrinks back to normal sticky footer ad size.

An expandable sticky footer ad only serves when it can pay you more than a regular sticky footer ad.

How do I get this added to my site?

These ad units are enabled by default on your Raptive ads. If you’d like to opt out of this type of ad, click here to drop us a note.

What does it look like?

Click here to view a live demo of the new Expandable Sticky Footer ad for mobile! Note: To see the ad, you need to be using a mobile device, or a device emulator in your browser window.

Here's an animated gif example of how the ad loads:


The sticky footer ad initially shows in the larger format and then shrinks to the smaller size after a few moments.

Some of the ads are interactive and may show recipes, how-tos, etc., that the reader can click on if they choose. The ad will not expand to this larger size unless the reader interacts with the ad.

Here's a gif of what happens if the reader taps to the get the Pineapple Turmeric Cleanser recipe in the example ad:


When the reader closes out, it returns to the normal-sized sticky footer ad.

Where can I see earnings from these ads?

You’ll see ad earnings from the expandable sticky footer ad included with your other footer ad earnings in the Raptive dashboard.

How much does this ad typically earn?

About 2–3x more than your normal sticky footer ad.

Does this type of ad align with the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA) standards?

Yep! All of your Raptive ads meet CBA’s guidelines. Because of the way this ad is designed, it isn’t considered a “pop-up” and it doesn’t take up valuable real estate on your site. The ad is expanded to the larger size temporarily and then reverts back to the small sticky footer after a few seconds.

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